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Unmatched Weight Loss Support

Guiding you every step of this journey.

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Telemedicine at Your Service

Healthcare at your fingertips.

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Customized Programs for You

Personalized pathways to your health!


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Are you struggling with weight loss despite trying various diets and exercise routines? Have you lost weight only to regain it later? We offer a solution that has helped many individuals achieve their weight loss goals through the use of weight loss injections like Semaglutide (Wegovy, Ozempic) or Tirzepatide (Mounjaro, Zepbound).

Also available with our weight loss solutions:

(Wegovy & Ozempic)

(Mounjaro & Zepbound) 

Diet Plan and Nutritionist

How it Works

Miracle Weight Loss Solution you been waiting for! 

Our telemedicine services provide convenient access to prescriptions for these medications. You can easily obtain your prescription online and then present it to your local pharmacy to receive the medication. Alternatively, we have partnered with a compound pharmacy that can deliver the medication directly to your doorstep. 

Here’s how our process works: 

1. Sign up for a consultation to connect with one of our healthcare providers who will evaluate your specific needs and provide you with a prescription.

2. If you have insurance, we will assist in determining if your insurance covers the medication or if you are eligible for insurance coverage.

3. If your insurance coverage is denied, we can arrange for the delivery of compound Semaglutide or Mounjaro directly to your home. Each injection is administered weekly and includes needles, syringes, and alcohol wipes. We provide comprehensive support to ensure you use the medication correctly and safely.

4. Throughout your weight loss journey, we offer continuous support, including guidance on your diet and exercise routine to help you get the best results.

How do these medications work? 

Semaglutide and Tirzepatide are GLP peptides designed to reduce hunger, making it easier to eat less and, in turn, lose weight while preventing weight gain. 

How long should you take these medications? 

The duration of treatment varies from person to person, but it is generally recommended not to stop immediately upon reaching your goal weight to prevent significant weight regain. 

Do you experience nausea from the injections? 

Nausea can be a side effect, typically occurring within the first couple of days or as a result of overeating. Fortunately, this side effect is usually short-lived, and most individuals return to feeling normal quickly. 

How often are the injections administered? 

Injections are given once a week. 

When can you expect to see results? 

Many people begin to experience weight loss as early as the first week, with potential monthly losses of 5–10 pounds or more. 

If you’re interested in these weight-loss solutions, we’re here to assist you on your journey to a healthier you. 

Before & After

Our Patient's Transformation

See the effectiveness of our personalized weight loss solutions and get inspired by these real-life transformations.

"Before starting on Semaglutide, I struggled with my weight for years. Diet and exercise alone weren't giving me the results I needed. Within just a few months of starting Semaglutide, I saw significant changes. I've lost 25 pounds, and I feel more energetic and confident than ever. NTX Weight Loss's supportive team made all the difference in my journey."

Jennifer, 36 Semaglutide Journey

"Tirzepatide was a game-changer for me. I've struggled with my weight since my teens, and nothing seemed to work long-term. With Tirzepatide, I've not only lost weight but have maintained it. The diet and exercise advice from NTX Weight Loss complemented the medication perfectly, helping me achieve my dream health."

Emily, 29 Tirzepatide Transformation

"I turned to NTX Weight Loss and Tirzepatide after a friend's recommendation, and it's one of the best decisions I've made for my health. I've lost 15 pounds, and my energy levels have skyrocketed. The most significant change has been in my overall health and wellbeing. The guidance and support from the NTX team were crucial in keeping me on track."

Camilla, 33 Tirzepatide Experience

"As someone who's always been skeptical about weight loss medications, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with Semaglutide. It's not just about the weight I've lost, which is around 15 pounds, but also about how much healthier I feel overall. The team at NTX Weight Loss provided excellent guidance and support, making my journey smoother and more successful."

Marcus, 42 Semaglutide Success

About Us

From virtual consults to miracle weight loss solutions

Our Physician Dr. Lee and his team, are enthusiastic about helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals. Through Dr Lee’s extensive experience in telemedicine and in person visits, we provide convenient virtual consultations and in person visits for local residents in the Dallas area, ensuring personalized care from the comfort of one’s home.

What sets our clinic apart is our innovative approach, including the introduction of weight loss injections of Semaglutide (Wegovy, Ozempic) or Tirzepatide (Mounjaro, Zepbound)– a miracle weight loss drug that we are particularly excited about. Dr. Lee has personally witnessed and assisted numerous patients in achieving successful weight loss through this medication.

Join us on this transformative journey towards better health and self-confidence of weight loss as one of the big stages in life in all aspects.

Ready to Rewrite Your Life Story?

Take the first step towards a new chapter in your life with NTX Weight Loss. We’re here to offer comprehensive support, guiding you through each step of your weight loss journey with expertise and empathy.

Frequently Asked Questions

NTX Weight Loss is a health service focused on providing solutions for weight loss and healthier living. They offer unmatched support, telemedicine services, and customized programs to help individuals on their journey to better health.

The safety of any medical treatment depends on an individual's overall health and specific circumstances. Our treatments are FDA-approved and prescribed after a thorough evaluation by our healthcare professionals to ensure they are safe and appropriate for each patient.

Both Semaglutide and Tirzepatide are medications that aid in weight loss by affecting appetite and blood sugar control. They work by mimicking certain hormones that regulate hunger, leading to reduced calorie intake and effective weight management.

For Semaglutide, patients may begin to see weight loss within a few weeks of starting treatment, with more significant results typically observed over a period of several months. The full effects of the medication often become more apparent with consistent use alongside a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Tirzepatide, similarly, may start showing results within a few weeks. However, like with Semaglutide, the most noticeable changes usually occur over a longer duration, and sustained weight loss is often a gradual process.

It's important to note that individual responses to these medications can vary significantly. Some patients might experience quicker results, while others may take longer to see noticeable changes. Continuous monitoring by healthcare professionals and adjustments to the treatment plan, if necessary, are essential parts of achieving the best outcomes.

Yes, we provide continuous support throughout your weight loss journey. This includes regular check-ins, adjustments to your treatment plan as needed, telemedicine and text message support.

Absolutely. Our nutritionists create personalized diet plans based on your individual health needs, dietary preferences, and weight loss goals. These plans are an integral part of our holistic approach to weight management.

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us for an initial consultation. We'll discuss your health goals, medical history, and determine the best approach for your weight loss journey.

Yes, our telemedicine services allow us to support patients across the USA. We provide consultations and ongoing support remotely, making our programs accessible regardless of your location.

Semaglutide (Wegovy and Ozempic)

At NTX Weight Loss, we offer cutting-edge solutions for weight management, including the use of Semaglutide, available in formulations such as Wegovy and Ozempic. Semaglutide is a breakthrough medication in the field of weight loss, recognized for its efficacy in reducing appetite and enhancing the body’s natural ability to control blood sugar levels (initially created to treat type 2 diabetes). Over the course of a year, it helps people drop up to 15% of their initial body weight. Our approach with Semaglutide is tailored to each individual, ensuring not only effective weight loss but also a focus on overall health and wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions about Semaglutide (Wegovy and Ozempic)

Q: What is Semaglutide and how does it aid in weight loss?

A: Semaglutide, available as Wegovy and Ozempic, is a medication primarily used for weight management. It works by mimicking a hormone that targets areas of the brain involved in appetite regulation, leading to reduced hunger and calorie intake, which assists in weight loss.

Q: Are there any side effects of taking Semaglutide?

A: Like all medications, Semaglutide can have side effects. Common ones include nausea, diarrhea, and constipation. These usually diminish over time. It’s important to discuss your medical history with our experts to understand any potential risks.

Q: How is Semaglutide administered?

A: Semaglutide is administered through subcutaneous injections. The frequency and dosage will be determined by our medical professionals based on your individual needs and health profile.

Q: Can Semaglutide be used alongside other weight loss treatments?

A: Often, Semaglutide can be combined with other weight loss strategies, including diet modifications and other medications. Our team will develop a comprehensive, personalized weight loss plan that may include Semaglutide as a component.

Q: How long does it take to see results with Semaglutide?

A: Weight loss timelines can vary, but patients often start seeing results within a few weeks of starting Semaglutide treatment. Long-term success and sustainability depend on adherence to the prescribed treatment plan and lifestyle changes.

Q: Is a prescription required for Semaglutide?

A: Yes, Semaglutide (Wegovy and Ozempic) is a prescription medication. Our telemedicine service makes it convenient for you to consult with our healthcare professionals and obtain a prescription, all from the comfort of your home.

Tirzepatide (Mounjaro and Zepbound)

Continuing our commitment to advanced weight loss treatments, NTX Weight Loss provides Tirzepatide treatments, including Mounjaro and Zepbound. Tirzepatide represents the latest in weight loss pharmacotherapy, offering significant benefits in weight reduction and metabolic health. Our expert team will work with you to determine if Tirzepatide is the right choice for your weight loss journey, considering your unique health profile and weight loss goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tirzepatide (Mounjaro, Zepbound)

Q: What is Tirzepatide and how does it work for weight loss?

A: Tirzepatide, offered under brand names like Mounjaro and Zepbound, is a medication used for weight management. It works by mimicking hormones that regulate appetite and insulin secretion, leading to reduced hunger and improved control of blood sugar levels, which are key factors in weight loss.

Q: Who should consider Tirzepatide for weight loss?

A: Tirzepatide is particularly effective for individuals with obesity or those who are overweight with weight-related health issues. It’s ideal for patients who have not achieved their desired weight loss results through diet and exercise alone. Our medical team can help assess if Tirzepatide is suitable for you.

Q: What are the common side effects of Tirzepatide?

A: While Tirzepatide is generally well-tolerated, some individuals may experience side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and decreased appetite. These effects are often temporary. It’s important to discuss your health history with our specialists to understand any potential risks.

Q: How is Tirzepatide administered?

A: Tirzepatide is given as a subcutaneous injection. The dosage and frequency will be customized based on your health profile and weight loss goals, as determined by our healthcare professionals.

Q: Can Tirzepatide be used with other weight loss methods?

A: Yes, Tirzepatide can be part of a broader weight loss strategy that includes dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and possibly other medications. Our team will design a comprehensive weight loss plan tailored to your needs, potentially incorporating Tirzepatide.

Q: How quickly can I expect results with Tirzepatide?

A: Results vary from person to person, but many patients start to see weight loss within the first few weeks of starting Tirzepatide. Consistent adherence to the treatment plan enhances the likelihood of long-term success.

Q: Do I need a prescription for Tirzepatide?

A: Tirzepatide (Mounjaro, Zepbound) is a prescription medication. Through our telemedicine services, you can conveniently consult with our healthcare professionals and obtain a prescription without leaving your home.

Diet Plan and Nutritionist Consultations

Understanding that medication is just one piece of the weight loss puzzle, NTX Weight Loss also offers comprehensive diet planning and nutritionist consultations. Our registered nutritionists specialize in creating personalized diet plans that complement our medical treatments. Whether you’re looking for a complete dietary overhaul or simply need guidance on making healthier choices, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Q: Is remote consultation available for nutritionist services?

A: Yes, in line with our telemedicine approach, we offer remote consultations with our nutritionists. This allows you to receive personalized dietary advice and support, no matter where you are located.

Q: How do diet plans complement the medication treatments offered at NTX Weight Loss?

A: Our diet plans are designed to work synergistically with medication treatments like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide. By combining medical and nutritional approaches, we aim to maximize weight loss results and improve overall health.

Q: What can I expect from a diet plan created by NTX Weight Loss?

A: Our diet plans are tailored to each individual’s unique needs, preferences, and health goals. They are designed not only to promote effective weight loss but also to improve overall health. Your personalized plan will include balanced meal suggestions, portion guidance, and tips for healthy eating habits.

Q: Can the diet plan be adjusted over time?

A: Yes, we understand that needs and goals can change over time. Our nutritionists are available to adjust your diet plan as necessary, ensuring it remains effective and aligned with your evolving preferences and objectives.

Q: How often will I meet with the nutritionist?

A: The frequency of meetings with our nutritionists can vary based on your individual needs and the program you choose. We offer flexible scheduling to ensure you receive the support and guidance you need throughout your weight loss journey.